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MEP Znamia: Commission’s balance of the work concerning Black market during the year 2008

MEP Znamia reported it has been resumed annual work of commission of black market concerning auditing of units authenticity during the year 2008.

It was discovered 129 counterfeit unit's passports (about 17% are non-authentic passports) from number of 756 scanned copies of aircraft and helicopter unit's passports.

This index is dramatically high in spite of reducing quantity of counterfeit unit's passports almost for 1.5% in comparison with 2007.

Just in stage of unit's passports verifications it is revealing the overwhelming majority of infringing article. If it has been found out forged passport it is mean conservative value of unit's residual life or it being used forged spare parts for aggregates overhaul.

The using of counterfeit is fraught with not only non reliable functioning and material losses, but also, it is straight threat of flight safety and aircraft onboard passengers' life.