Ground vehicles:


"The grey market" - counterfeit production which has arisen as the result of forging of documents:
  • of passports of the original units, including faking up factory numbers on the unit (to reduce actual operating time or sale second-hand units as new);
Or forging of both documents and units:
  • Handicraft assembly of units with use of stolen or second-hand parts (also a number of accessories technologically can be produced outside of a factory - rubber goods, simple elements of a design, a spring, a washer, etc.);
  • Artisan not licensed repair of units (also taking place at some aircraft-repair factories).
Expert estimation of a share of the grey market is up to 20 % (!).
Management of our enterprise considers the developed situation intolerable - operation of "grey" units can lead not only to their unreliable functioning and economic losses, but also directly threatens a life of the people who are being onboard an aircraft.
Since 2004 on OJSC " MMZ Znamia" works the "Board on the grey market", which has conducted a number of actions on reduction of a counterfeit share, including:
  • Since 2005 the protected passports of production are introduced, in 2006 are added additional protection;
  • Together with the State Institute of Civil Aviation it is conducted components authenticity check;
  • Since 2002 at the enterprise Authenticity board works, where you can check authenticity of the unit passport by its electronic copy (scanned of photographed);
  • Unit life cycle database is being created, in connection with database of Civil Aviation State Institute
  • Monitoring the market (including actively in the Internet) on revealing of cases of the offer of illegitimate production. On the facts of falsification several criminal prosecutions are commenced;
  • The new policy of cooperation with aircraft-repair factories is applied, and now delivery of repair kits is possible only under condition of performance of follow-on.