Ground vehicles:


The "Znamia" Moscow Engineering Plant performs repair of all articles of own production. The enterprise has a well-organized structure of production and sophisticated technologies of performing repairs.
The operations performed at the "Znamia" Moscow Engineering Plant have optimum price, guaranteed high quality and promptness of execution.
The "Znamia" Moscow Engineering Plant OJSC has its own repair stock. That is why in case of prompt performance of the operations our enterprise has the possibility of replacing the Customer's item delivered for the repair for the identical item from our repair stock (with the same accumulated operating hours and of the same year of manufacture).
The repair conditions are as follows:
the Stage 1. Once a component unit is delivered for repair, first of all it is subjected to the authentication of the certificate. This procedure is very important for rejecting counterfeit products (hyperlink with the section of the site devoted to the combat against the gray market).
the Stage 2. Preparation of the technical papers required for performing repair.
the Stage 3. Investigation of the component unit for reparability (fault finding).
the Stage 4. Drawing up an account for the repair of the component unit (including the payment for authentication and fault finding). After 100 % payment of the account the component unit is subjected to a repair.
The repair of the units and accessories may be performed both according to the contract concluded beforehand and according to the single application (in writing). Conclusion of a contract aimed for long-term cooperation and fulfillment of obligations by the client in compliance with the Delivery List attached to the contract (Schedule of Delivery of Units and accessories for Repair) makes it possible for the clients to obtain more advantageous conditions.