Ground vehicles:


The "Znamia" Moscow Engineering Plant OJSC has available a complex of the state-of-the-art high-efficiency equipment both of the domestic and foreign design, a great number of test stands and special equipment for checking the manufactured products and making reliability tests.
Mechanical processing is performed on universal metal-cutting machine tools as well as on special transfer machines. Wide use is made of the deep drilling machines, equipment and multi-operation N/C machines including four-axis, electromechanical, electroerosion, state-of-the-art high-precision grinding and microfinishing equipment.
The enterprise has well-equipped shops designed for preparation for production which are used for making appliances, stamps, press molds, stands, non-standard equipment and various cutting and measuring tools.
The "Znamia" engineering plant is provided with:
  • non-ferrous foundry (aluminum, bronze - cast in a metal mould), steel foundry (with the use of casting models);
  • forging and die-forging of hot and cold forging of aluminum and steel;
  • heat treatment: there are pit and box furnaces, hardening-tempering furnaces, furnaces with heating in inert gas, furnaces for vacuum treatment, equipment for gas carburizing and nitriding, furnaces for aluminumalloys, phosphate treatment, etc.
  • shops for galvanic metallization: chrome-plating, cadmium-plating, anodic electrodeposition.
  • specialized shops for making parts from rubber mixtures, fluoroplastic. 
Much attention is devoted to the search of new design and technological solutions, constant check of observation of the requirements to the materials and geometric characteristics of parts at all phases of manufacture.

The quality system accepted at the "Znamia" Moscow Engineering Plant OJSC is certified according to the ISO9001 international standard due to which the company offers the products of best quality to our customers.