Ground vehicles:


Outsourcing of hydraulic components ​manufacturing

OJSC "Moscow Engineering Plant "Znamia" and JSC "MFG" offer you opportunity to out-source manufacturing of aircraft hydraulics systems components and their parts to one of the leading aerospace components plants in Russia.

You gain:

  • Significant cost saving Relief from expensive environmental compliances
  • Decrease in secondary activities and focus on core competencies
  • Extension of production capabilities



  • Znamia OJSC & MFG have expertise in international collaboration and English-speaking staff
  • Also, we have competence in Custom regulations when exporting produced orders or importing part blanks
  • Transport logistics experience
  • Technological expertise and standards matching experience (VS, NS & Russian ГОСТ)



  • Quaity of production is certified by ISO9001-2001 international standards, alongside with Russian Aviation and Space Agency License and Military Register РВ15.002-2003 Certificate
  • Znamia has 65 years experience in delivering top-notch performance and quality components both for civil and military markets
  • Znamia is a stable and reliable company, rapidly developing at present
  • Lead-time performance is up to or exceeds customers expectations Risk sharing approach is applied
  • Znamia had already proved itself as a confident partner, fulfilling Parker Hannifin Aerospace (USA) orders for 4 years 1995-1999.